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November 14, 2005

In Response to Stevie B.'s Question

Photo/video genius Stephen Boatright asked the following question on the HamDems blog:

"Other than the fact that Republicans are so far off course, why should I consider becoming a Democrat?

I'm looking for a well reasoned, articulate answer."

While I detect a hint of sarcasm in his question, it reminded me of a recent conversation I had with Joe. I'm pretty sure Stephen would agree with me, so this doesn't really address his question, but...

I'm all for people's right to claim party affiliation, but I wish people (as our poor recent local election turnouts indicate) would simply think of becoming voters first without worrying so much about which party they are going to join.

The current party system breeds annoyingly superficial conflict and chasms in this country and its communities, while each voter acting as a single conscientious voter -- voting for the PERSON that most closely matches their convictions -- reinforces an "everybody doing their part" mindset with the goal of all of us working together to be part of the political process. The major political parties in this country are now up to their necks in a desperate, "he said, she said" game with power for their party being placed ahead of the overall health of our country.

As an interesting aside, an animosity-laden thread about the recent Stuart James vs. John Wolfe volley was completely deleted from the site. The argument, obstensibly about power (something that local party members could ACTUALLY and directly act upon and resolve) was dropped in favor of other issues (Bush, Iraq, etc.) that were, I guess, easier to rail about, yet ones (in this blogger's opinion) that party members have little or no actual control of/influence over.

While I know the staunchest members of the HamDems, the local Republicans and the other parties are (thankfully) going to participate in any and all local elections, this kind of behavior sends a bad message about priorities to fence-sitters like Mr. Boatright.

I honestly don't know of a party to recommend to you, Stephen. Most of them just get in the way of the voting...

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